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The Fireball, which burns brightly and beautifully in the garden in both summer and winter, is part of Menu's extensive garden series. The Fireball uses ordinary tealights, and can either be placed directly on the ground – e.g. in the grass or the snow – or fitted into its accompanying rubber stand and placed along the terrace, on the garden table or by the front door. Use the Fireballs singly, or put them together in small, twinkling clusters that will glow in the dark of winter or the bright summer night. Design: Pernille Vea
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    Safe, Flame-Free "Candle" Lights Love the romance and tradition of candlelight but worry about risk? Create the same magical glow with battery-powered "candles." Crafted to look exactly like flickering flames, these child/pet safe lights burn without heat or mess. The set includes four, votive-sized "candles" that charge in a base station, four frosted-glass holders, and AC adapter. An 8 to 12 hour charge provides 10 to 12 hours of light. Holders, 4"H x 2"Dia.