• 86 months ago Zgallerie »

    Enclosed with a chandelier of crystals, our tea light candleholder majestically radiates as a shining pair. The bling of this lamp is enhanced with elongated polished silver stems. Available in two sizes, 17 and 20 inches. Sold separately.

  • 89 months ago Barneys »

    Barneys New York Fused Pillar Menorah - Glass fused-pillar menorah with silver candle-holders. 7" x 10.5". Available in Bronze Multi. Handmade in U.S.

  • 90 months ago Napastyle »

    Do you have special wine bottles saved from memorable occasions and don’t know what to do with them? Turn them into functional and stylish keepsakes with our five-armed candelabras. Crafted of ornate black or rust-finished metal, they’re specially designed and balanced to fit securely into any wine bottle. Best suited for votives, not included.

  • 91 months ago World Market »

    White stone Buddha crafted in Bali has a small bowl in his lap designed to hold a tealight candle. Makes a decorative pair of bookends.

  • 91 months ago World Market »

    Bamboo candleholders in black up the night with a rich, tropical feel. A grouping of the various sizes creates quite a dramatic effect. Each holds one standard votive candle. Tealight holder holds three candles. Choose from votive dish (2.25"Sq.), Small holder (4"H.), Medium holder (7"H.), Tall holder (8"H.) or Tealight holder (11"L.) Votive dish is set of 2. All others sold individually.

  • 92 months ago A + R »

    Why do we love candles? The elegant simplicity from the most elemental flicker of light...The Candle Pin by Sebastian Bergne for Eno in France is the perfect pedestal for all the same reasons. But the stripped down structure belies its functionality: Skewer all types of candles, from the smallest tea light to larger pillars. Light. Enjoy. The waxy star seems to float in space. Twinkle in numbers with this multi-pin version or several of the single pin stands. The pin is powder coated steel finished in matte black.

  • 93 months ago Sidestreetstudio »

    QUASIMODO POTTERY Dave & Marlyn strive to create stylish forms that are serviceable and durable. They are always reinventing to improve on the designs according to their use. They also try to imagine how each piece can be used in a variety of different ways. The attractiveness and versatility of their pottery will allow you to use it every day as well as on all your special occasions. Over the past fifteen years they have been perfecting their own glazes and glazing techniques including ... [Read More]

  • 94 months ago VivaTerra »

    Breathtaking crystals remind us like nothing else of the power and glory of natural design. They touch our hearts and excite our senses with their multiple-faceted shapes, clarity and radiant hues. Lit from within, crystals appear to cast a spell, as in these tea light holders that instantly create a mood of romance, and blissful serenity.

  • 96 months ago VivaTerra »

    You'll marvel at the simple splendor of our Halo Chandelier. There's no mistaking the human touch on its polished surface and hand shaped edges. Cast entirely out of iron and large enough to hold our 3" pure beeswax pillars, it casts a gentle glow when lit and adds an artistic element above any table. Rods remove for flat storage. 24"H x 20"D

  • 96 months ago Antiki »

    From the land of a 'Thousand and One Nights’ comes our Moroccan Tealight Candle Holders. The modern yet traditional form of this handmade tealight candle holder truly captures the mystique and creativity of this legendary country. Skillfully crafted by local artisans, vibrant henna dyed goatskin leather is carefully stretched and hand-tied around a sturdy square wrought iron frame. Our Moroccan Tealight Candle Holders are rich in ethnic style and each votive is truly unique. Relax and let the warmth of these Moroccan Tealight Candle Holders lull you into dreams of exotic lands.

  • 97 months ago Areaware »

    Little Joseph Designer: Maxim Velcovsky for Qubus Material: Porcelain Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.25 inches A macabre and humorous candle holder. As your candle melts over the baby's head, it creates a wax hairdo.

  • 98 months ago »

    Each detail of this beautiful handmade glass candleholder is carefully executed by glass artisan Manjusha Tatu. It is made from laboratory grade glass so it is incredibly strong and durable in spite of its delicate appearance. Made in India.

  • An accumulation of interlaced candleholders. The formal geometry and pattern of ornamental arabesques are discarded in favor of random chaos. There is no front or back, top or bottom candles support the holder in any direction it is flipped.

  • 99 months ago Tracyporter »

    Instant charm!! That's exactly what you'll get with these darling little dragonflies! Each one has a different piece of artwork gracing their wings. Around the centers are delicate sparkling rhinestones. A chic and whimsical way to add more personality to any spot in your home! Limited Quantity... Order Now! Great salt cellars on the table the next time you entertain (meaning put your sea salt for each guest in these) even though we're sure your food is seasoned to taste! Magical throughout the house: don't forget the bathroom, your bedside table, your desk, and scattered about the dining table for your next fabulous bash! 5-1/2"L x 3-3/4"W x 3/4"H Zinc Alloy Designed by Tracy Porter

  • 100 months ago VivaTerra »

    The tea lights that sit below the top edge of this ice-white striated selenite log cast a gentle romantic glow. An exotic alternative to conventional candle holders, the selenite, or crystallized gypsum's warm, sensuous light softly illuminates your dining room, living room or entryway. 18"L x 4"D

  • 101 months ago Mostoriginal »

    Wooden candle holders with pewter base and top by Ester Shahaf. Beautiful candle holders hand painted and decorated with unique Swarovski crystals, brass and copper accents. These rustic wooden candle holders are 12 cm tall (4.7 inches) and 6 cm (2.3 inches) in width. An ideal home decor or judaica gift for the holidays. The product ships within 3-5 business days.

  • 102 months ago Thehomeport »

    The ancient capital of Japan appropriately claims this elegant candle holder. Sophisticated in its simplicity, the glass orb based on a traditional paper lantern is exquisitely made. this is a refined piece to treasure for special occasions. The glass base separates from the lantern to allow easy lighting and replacement of the candles. Votives or tea lights are appropriate. We suggest our clear cup tea lights. Available in frost or clear.

  • 102 months ago Nonplusultra »

    Breng een deel van de aarde in uw huis of tuin met de Magma Stone van Menu. De Magma Stone geeft een beeld van het gloeiende gedeelte van de binnenkant van de aarde. Dit is de uitvoering liggend.

  • 102 months ago Pier1 »

    Form a mural of candlelight with our dramatic Mirrored Sconce. Crafted of iron with a distressed bleached sand finish, this piece features alternating mirrored squares and openworked circles. Eight candle cups hold tealight candles (not included). Wouldn't this look dramatic in multiples over the back of the sofa or console?

  • 102 months ago Cocoononline »

    Put these on your table and we promise that you will not be hungry 20 minutes later! Each takeout box votive is 3x3x3 and made of frosted glass.