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    Emily Variation 1 Pattern: #8153 Variation Product of Burda

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    When designing the robe, I, Benedikta, imagined big color blocks in primary colors, yellow, blue and red. Now having sewn it up quite some time later we decided on a bit more sophisticated color combination in which everyone following our blog posts had a part in. The solid colors really pronounce the design but I can very well imagine it in a mix of prints or stripes and solids. If our robe would not have been all in silk we would have taken the sleeve part double and added a thin layer of quilting in between with the typical diamond shaped top-stitching. That extra would be a nice idea if the gown is made as a warm cozy Christmas present surprise. Enjoy!

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    Shakira Pattern: #6017 Product of Burda

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    Danielle Pattern: #9306 Product of Burda

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    Who says you can only wear sleeveless in the summer. Not so our version! We created a wintery feeling in a combination of wool and leather with some cotton print highlights. Just throw over a big shawl or tone it down with a turtleneck and you are good to bear up against all temperatures.

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    I used to have a shopper bag, which I bought years ago because it was large enough for my boxes of photografic paper. I ended up taking it everywhere. Recently, after years of faithful service, often being used to transport groceries or large quantities of fruit and veg with some fabric thrown in for good measure (the market run...), it gave up the ghost. I used its measurements to create this bag and spiced it up with red lining and band patches (the largest one is home made, from a picture I took of my boyfriend's band)