Bumps Bump

A First Aid Kit for kids of all ages! The fast way to soothe and comfort, our wonderful all-in-one Mr. Bump first aid kit brings smiles back to people on the go. Apply the Mr. Bump Bruise Soother (re-usable cooling gel pack) to ease discomfort from swelling or bruising, use the antiseptic wipes on scratches or grazes, and apply Mr. Bump Band-Aids as needed. Kit contains: • 1 Mr. Bump Cooling Gel Pack • 5 Antiseptic Wipes • 10 Mr. Bump Band-Aids A fun way to care for children (or adults!) who have had small knocks or tumbles and get them back on their feet. Also great for vacations (Mr. Bump takes the sting out of jellyfish, mosquitoes and sunburn) and travel. Comes in a handy plastic carrying case!