Buggy Maclaren

We have former airline pilot and aeronautical engineer Owen Maclaren to thank for the umbrella-fold baby stroller, liberating us from the bulky pram. Now, 40 years later, Maclaren, is innovating once again with a new stroller designed for the larger child. Based on their bestseller, the Techno XT, the Techno XLR offers a higher weight and width accommodation. The XLR is a full-feature stroller that can hold up to 65 pounds of kid- that's 10 pounds more than the Techno XT, and more than any other stroller currently on the market- and is 10% wider than the Techno XT. The Techno XLR can be used from birth, all the way up to when they weigh 65 pounds. To read more of this review, go to http://celebritybabies.typepad.com/reviews/2006/10/maclaren_introd.html