Bodycare Organic

Arghand produces a line of fine, marble-like soaps and skin-nourishing oils, featuring the fragrant and emollient fruits of Kandahar's legendary earth. In particular, Kandahar has long been famous for its ruby-like pomegranates. Recent research on the pomegranate fruit's anti-oxidant properties has confirmed local lore, which envies the pomegranate-growers of Arghandab their soft, wrinkle-free skin. The unique ingredient in Arghand products is their cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil, produced in the Arghand atelier. Founded in 2005, by former NPR reporter Sarah Chayes, Arghand Cooperative includes men and women, and it is committed to providing women with dignified employment remunerated at a fair level, as well as an equal share in the decision-making process. More importantly, supporting their efforts offers a viable alternative to opium production.