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Bigelow Chemists : Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine / Breath Freshener # 502 [B502] - No. 502 Mentha Lip Shine Peppermint Oil 2% Our mint-infused lip balm provides a glossy high shine wi...
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    Kusco-Murphy is the original product when it come to getting that beachy-hair look. The others sound intriguing as well! Beach Hair: Kusco-Murphy has blended crushed Bamboo for volume, Stinging Nettle for strength and Coconut Oil with Bergamot to replicate your hair after a day at the beach. Bedroom Hair is the equivalent of a "Roll in the Hay" in a jar. Extracts of Green Tea, Cassia and Lemon Balm fill the hair with an exotic scent; the look is a subdued sensual one. Lavender hair cream is a light pomade to be used wet or dry. It promotes curl on wet hair and will de-frizz when scrunching. Tart hair has a unique blend of Tangerine, Geranium, Bergamot and Macadamia Oils form the basis of this diving Sculpting Clay; as the name suggests it is a thick consistency clay which gives medium hold to your luscious locks.