Beklina Skirt Designer Summer

Trim & Permafrost Dress By Linda Loudermilk The Trim dress is a wrap dress with a detachable belt. Classic style, with a v-neckline, hitting just below the knee. One of our most popular dresses. The Permafrost dress is signature Loudermilk. Lots of unique & sophisticated details: 3-d collar, removable belt, asymmetrical buttons up front, two front pockets, and layers of ruffles. Hits at the knee. This dress rocks! Both styles are 100% organic cotton lightweight denim. "Linda Loudermilk is too smart to call such an imperious and turbulent thing as nature her 'muse.' All that vastness, all those numberless small symmetries, all the brutality and fragility – nature is, to be sure, the creative source material for Loudermilk's designs. She channels nature's punk energy into clothes of grace and volatility. But nature is less Loudermilk's muse than her major mind-freak.