In 2007 Padraig Harrington beat Sergio Garcia in a four-hole playoff to win the British Open. It was a remarkable win. Harrington came from 6 strokes down in the final round to defeat Garcia without making a single swing change….
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    When designing the robe, I, Benedikta, imagined big color blocks in primary colors, yellow, blue and red. Now having sewn it up quite some time later we decided on a bit more sophisticated color combination in which everyone following our blog posts had a part in. The solid colors really pronounce the design but I can very well imagine it in a mix of prints or stripes and solids. If our robe would not have been all in silk we would have taken the sleeve part double and added a thin layer of quilting in between with the typical diamond shaped top-stitching. That extra would be a nice idea if the gown is made as a warm cozy Christmas present surprise. Enjoy!