item name : Gilt metal and wrought iron day bed by Ferrabini designers : Giovanni Ferrabini item description: Gilt metal and wrought iron day bed by Ferrabini, Italy, circa 1950s Beautiful wrought iron day bed by renowned sculptor and architect, Giovanni Ferrabini. Italian, Circa 1950s. Painted white over the original lipstick red/orange enamel with gilt details, the design incorporates symmetrical circular patterns and a regal crown like Neo-Rococo motif. The day bed could be left in this distressed white paint or restored to it’s original enamel with gilt accents, the color of the enamel could be custom or done to match the original orange/red. The balls at the top of the crown were gilt gold. Alternately, the bed could be stripped to raw iron and the details gilt. 75 H (headboard) x 79 L x 38” W item # : TMF953 price : Request Price