Jennifer from the lovely blog "Unsullied" loves MuLondon! "First off, let's talk about the White Chocolate Truffle Moisturizer from MuLondon. It's rare that a product “smells good enough to eat.” I realize it's a hypothetical statement, but I doubt any of us would down two ounces of shea butter to see if the fragrance tastes any good. This moisturizer is the exception. If I were to leave this out on the counter, I'd be worried that I, or my boyfriend, or perhaps the HVAC maintenance man would literally ingest it. MuLondon really nailed the scent on this one: it smells creamy and decadent (and edible!), like rich, melted chocolate. And the only reason I'll forego attempting to smear it on a cracker is because I'd rather smear it on my hands. It has a lovely, fluffy, whipped texture and sinks right into the skin. Plus, this is an ALL-NATURAL product, so no need to feel any guilt applying it. (or eating it…)" Read more: Get MuLondon products: