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SunnyLIFE - LUXE BEACH TOWEL BERMUDA Make your place in the sun luxurious with this supreme quality luxury designer beach towel BERMUDA from Australian lable sunnyLIFE. Touch the fabric, it is gorgeous. The design is sumptuous. And with its size of 90 x 175cm it is a fairly large beach towel. The SunnyLIFE Luxe Beach Towels are for those who really appreciate quality towels with style and take their time on the beach seriously. You can further complete your BERMUDA beach outfit with a matching BERMUDA BEACH TOTE or BERMUDA BEACH PADDLES (also available at THE DESIGN GIFT SHOP). Specifications Luxe Beach Towels * Style MARBELLA or BERMUDA * Multi-Colour * 100% Supreme Quality Cotton * Size 90 x 175cm Origin Australia