Stepping gently along a cobblestone pathway into the depths of the Grand Garden, you're drawn toward the mirrored surface of a magical goldfish pond hidden between a patch of wild ferns and an angel statute overgrown with flowering ivy! You blend right into your enchanting surroundings wearing this fully lined, Monet-inspired-print dress with pearl satin platforms, amethyst earrings, and a sequin-studded hard case clutch. The pond's lotus-laden lily pads whisper secrets to the plum poms of color along your dress' jade and basil fabric, its princess seams and elegant self-belt hugging your form as the stitch-layered detailing along its full skirt lays like tiny waterfalls below. You pick up a few glimmering pebbles, drop them into your dress' side pockets, and continue to wander with a dreamy look in your eye and a stylish bounce in your step!