Baked Goods

Pure edible nostalgia, our heart-shaped treats recall the whoopie pies beloved by kids but with a decidedly sophisticated twist. The sweet valentines come to us from a bakery in Maine that uses local butter and free-range eggs to make individual ric
  • 103 months ago Elenis »

    Eleni's New York, provides the perfect baked gifts! I love their designer handbag and shoes cookies! A perfect gift for the fashion forward.The cookies are modeled behind the "it" bags and shoes of the season. They also have cookies for sports, baby, holidays, and thank you ones.

  • 112 months ago »

    When they say they have "11 of the best cookies in the Galaxy", ABC isn't kidding! After converting to vegetarianism, I gained a few pounds from eating too many of these irresistible gems. My boyfriend even likes them, and you couldn't pay him to stop eating animal products.

  • 113 months ago Sephora »

    Sweets in the morning or sweets at night? Why choose - have them both! This set features two of Philosophy's sweetest scents, Cinnamon Buns and Red Velvet Cake. Satisfy your sweet tooth two ways, without the guilt. Set includes a 16 oz Cinnamon Buns and a 16 oz Red Velvet Cake Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel in a signature gift box.

  • 114 months ago Modernpoverty »

    your cookies are so delicious that all you're ever left with are crumbs, so we devised this devious ploy. Just bake them with bite marks built-in and watch your friends leave them behind on the tray. It's the famous ABC (Already Been Chewed) COOKIE CUTTERS! Two styles - nibbled Variety Pack & maimed Gingerbread Men. The Variety Pack includes 4 assorted every-day designs - Heart, Star, Flower, and Disk (or is it a hockey puck?), each missing one prominent, off-putting, innocent little bite. And those poor poor Gingerbread Men! Well, their loss is your gain. ABC COOKIE CUTTERS are made to the highest culinary standards from luxurious cast aluminum so there are no seams or sharp edges and they're easy to clean. Packed in nifty clear display boxes.

  • 115 months ago Marisny »

    Our brownies are all packed in Mari's beautiful signature baton boxes. Each box contains 6 delicious brownies. When ordering, please choose boxes filled either with 6 brownies of the same flavor, or 1 each of our signature six flavors. Mari's signature six flavors are: Classic (or Classic with Nuts), Caramel Sea Salt, Coconut, Thai Coffee, Heat, and Blonde Bombshell.

  • 117 months ago »

    For your next birthday, event or just for something sweet at the house, please think about ordering from our sensational Bakery.