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I've been thinking about stocking stuffers lately, and it's hard to imagine any cuter than these dear, dear Kata Golda finger puppets. Like a little baby rabbit, each is just irresistible. Ridiculously sweet.
  • Buy handmade Boikido Toys from Little Music Makers, an online source where you will get a massive collection of toys. These Boikido Toys are truly a great choice for stimulating your kid imagination power

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    endearing amigurumi comestibles crocheted of soft wool yarn; set of half dozen play eggs - 2 with smiley faces, 2 with removable chicks & 2 plain & squashy

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    Inspire your young Picasso with the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel.

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    Sock Monkey Cranky Pants Click here to learn about the Cranky Pants waiting list!. A word to the adults: We don't know that there are many things cuter than artist Amy Kett's hand knitted Cranky Pants. You'll love these pants on your little pirate. Cranky Pants are also designed to be used as a natural cloth diaper cover as wool will absorb and hold up to 30% of its own weight in liquid. Kindly be aware that all Cranky Pants are made to order, so please expect a two to three week turn-around time. Additionally, please note that our Jolly Roger Cranky Pants are offered only as described and are not customizable (other than your selection from the fours sizes listed below). Hand wash. Care instructions included.

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    Product Description         It is a learning process for your small party. This inter...

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    Prince Lionheart On-the-Go Bottle Warmer Product Description         Traveling to Warmer bottle must be for parent...

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    Melissa & Doug Deluxe Easel Companion Set, Set comes with 4 bottles of poster paint, 4 spill-proof paint cups, 1 roll of easel paper, 10 jumbo triangular chalk sticks, 1 felt eraser, 1 dry-eras

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    Patches the hamster is a smart motorized critter that is programmed to play in or outside of his special habitat playhouse

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    Positively Organic - Earthline LS Natural Tee

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    MyMimi ABC Animal Magnets Now we know that you're smarter than you look - you babies with your drooling and your babbling and your drunken stagger of a walk. It's a very convincing front that you most certainly should use to your advantage. Next time the adults leave the room, use these ABC magnets to leave them a message on the refrigerator door. When they return to the kitchen and yelp with surprise, just point at the dog and continue babbling.

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    Retro Pedal Fire Truck Who wouldn't want a pedal Fire Truck with a flashing light and ringing bell? This fire truck comes in a deep red highlighted with white graphics. Real, high quality wooden ladders grace the rear resting on their own chrome plated, high hoop, grab bars. The pedal car is chip and rust resistant, child safe, and has a non-toxic paint-powder coating. It is recommended for children 2 to 6 years old and has a weight capacity of 50lbs. Minimal assembly required. • Brand: American Retro • Dimensions: 45.5" length, 15.5" width, 24" height • Materials: Heavy gauge steel body, wooden ladders, solid rubber tires Price: $311.00

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    Skip Hop Palette Plate More Views Skip Hop Palette Plate $30.00 This is one clever plate set, from its easy functionality to its eye-catching design that looks like an artist's palette. Three drop-in bowls and a non-slip cup pad surround an open snack area, keeping foods separate and allowing for plenty of options. Translucent lids let you prepare and store the meal in advance, or easily put away leftovers for next time. Even the bottom has a non-slip grip, helping it stay put during even the most animated of mealtimes.

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    Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoonnew! $8.00 Want an easier way to serve up baby food? End the back and forth between jar and mouth with this clever utensil. Just load up the dispenser and give a little squeeze for instant spoon refills, one bite at a time. The protective cover seals food in, making it a great choice for meals on the go. It makes feeding so simple, you can do it with one hand!

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    Snack Ball More Views Snack Ballnew! $6.50 Innovative, smart and stylish, the Snack Ball is a great way to serve up munchies. Sturdy enough to keep food from getting crushed, it's perfect for tossing into a purse or diaper bag when you need to take it to go. The two halves unscrew for easy cleaning, and the lid rotates for easy dispensing.

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    The tytree is a modern achievement in art and design. Made in the USA, this radiant holiday centerpiece appears to glisten with over 50 multi-colored ornaments that seem to float on graceful disks. Reflections of the playful, translucent shapes and forms catch the light in ever-changing patterns to create a dazzling display. The tytree is a beautiful holiday addition, inspiring curiosity and wonder of the season year after year.

  • Manufacturer: Anne-Claire Petit, Netherlands. Designer: Anne-Claire Petit. Description: The toy telephones of our youth weren't nearly as plush as this unique, crocheted telephone. But the receiver is still separately moveable for that real telephone experience.

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    Mimi the Sardine Lunchbug $22.00 These fun, sturdy, and re-usable lunch bags have a zip top to prevent spills, making them the perfect bag for taking snacks and lunches on the go. Made of acrylic-coated cotton with a black nylon lining, they're also eco-friendly and a breeze to clean. Another fun option from Mimi the Sardine!

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    Otto Table & Chairs Setnew! $450.00 Fabulously contemporary, this tot-sized table and chair set is made to integrate beautifully with grown-up decor. The table includes sliding art-and-play trays for extra creative space, and the chairs nest under the table to keep it compact. With its streamlined silhouette and space-saving design, it's loved as much by parents as it is by kids.

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    HippieTipi Play Tentnew! $210.00 Give them their own special hideout with this tot-sized teepee! Made of washable cotton canvas in vibrant colors, it's sturdy enough for both indoor and outdoor use. Take it to the beach or park for extra shade, or add a dose of imagination and adventure to playtime.

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    This really is an exquisite set of architectural blocks, including Roman and Gothic arches, towers and turrets for all manner of castles.

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    Melissa & Doug

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    Polar Bear Rocker $295.00 Here's a fun twist on an old classic: Instead of the typical rocking horse, how about a rocking polar bear? Made of white lacquer and natural oak, this sturdy, Arctic-inspired toy is as cool as they come.

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    rattles schaaf germany beautiful, simple and refined. these rattles are wonderfully colored and perfectly sized for early grasping and object exploration. great for soothing the pain of new teeth too. crafted by hand of maple and beech by gert schaaf. fleur is a classic rattle form with an enclosed bell. tringo is more complex made of three interlocking rings. klara is a snake-like form with a ring that can be moved the length of the body.

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    i-pod onesie usa what could be sillier? a best seller! absolutely everyone loves the touch sensitive flywheel and ergonomic design. sorry, no mute button. screen-printed on sweatshop-free american apparel Ts. $25.00

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    Fresco Loft Chairnew! $500.00 More than just cool, the Fresco Loft Chair from bloom is an infant recliner, highchair, and toddler seat -- all rolled into one. And this special edition has all the features of the regular Fresco chair, but in a sleek new color with an extra five inches of height. The seat reclines fully, making it a cozy and secure sleeping pod for little ones over three months. It makes the perfect highchair, whether with a tray or for up-to-the-table or breakfast-bar feeding (with an ingenious 360-degree swivel for easy accessibility). Then, as your child gets older, remove the tray and center bar and it becomes a stylish, just-my-size

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    initial pillows usa just delightful! perfect for new baby, newly minted couples or even you! each initial is is hand drawn and screened onto 100% cotton canvas in the chicest color combinations. a tailor-quality zipper and removable down and feather cushion make them perfectly pudgy and easy to clean. fully customizable with loads of colors and 2 ink options. you'll have the opportunity to specify your selected initial or a heart when you check out. dimensions: 16" square $58.00

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    wooden camera usa sturdy play camera lets kids be on the other side of the lens. wonderfully detailed with moving parts - peek through the view finder, focus the lens, advance the film and push the shutter. made by a small family-owned company. walnut, oak and alder with a non-toxic oil . 3 and up $26.00