Baby Stroller

The Stokke Xplory is an easy to maneuver stroller that can zip around the city with ease. Children will love this stroller because the seat is set high. With the Xplory, children will be at almost the same eye level as adults. The larger rear wheels makes this Stokke Stroller easy to move around. There is a shock absorber in the hinge between the wheels and the overall frame. The wheels on the Xplory Stroller guarantee a smooth comfortable ride. Do children really enjoy being out and about in the city? Probably not. Because they're sitting down low, not only are they breathing in city dust and car exhaust fumes and feeling the heat from the pavement, but it's all a horrible blur from that level, with nothing much to look at! Why shouldn't children explore the city in comfort? STOKKE XPLORY lets them do just that! This is a stroller that lifts them high off the ground. In addition, babies face their parents, creating stronger bonds between parent and child.