Asian Necklace Japan

Just after WWII, Japan explored manufacturing glass ornaments for fashion jewelry. These pierced glass ovals are vintage from that era and Shelley's 1940s collar design complements them. Each oval was hand pressed, etched and polished. They have a sculptured floral motif. There are very few of these necklaces left.
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    These fine silver accessories are works of various talented Japanese jewelers, and have been well-received by celebrities and trendy people working in the fashion industry. Many of the pieces express "iki," a traditional word that means "stylish and sexy." The ones we are introducing here are somewhat avant-garde with the motifs of traditional Japanese design such as Sakura, Wind Gods, Lucky Coins, Waves, Dragons and other spiritual symbols. Japan's native religion "Shinto" believing that all things in the universe, including these symbols, have their own God. The motifs of these silver accessories will help bring you good fortune.