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Robert Held is an integral part of the Art Glass Movement in North America. In addition to being widely exhibited throughout the United States and Canada, his work is carried in galleries throughout Europe and Japan. Robert's pieces have also been chosen for distinguished collections such as the Roland Michener and the Indusman. The "Perfect Setting" features his goblets which now grace the table of the Governor General of Canada.
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    Windy Mesa Pottery Horse Hair Pottery by Artist Mary F. Holmes Horse hair pottery is created by applying layers of ultra refined clay, called terra sigilata, to the surface of a pot then polishing that surface by hand until satin smooth. Once dry the pot is fired to 1700 degrees, cooled slightly, then pulled HOT from the kiln and horse hair and feathers are applied to the 1000 degree surface. The horse hair and feathers carbonize into the white surface creating beautiful abstract patterns. Once cooled the pot is cleaned and sealed with wax, which also brings up the satin sheen. Each pot is signed by the Artist.