Aromatic Unique

I want this!!!!!!!!!!! A must for an equipped kitchen; it removes the smell of fish or onion, gets rid of garden grit from your hands and leave them soooo smooth. The ground coffee added to this soap even makes a good scrubbing effect on elbows and heels. Combined with a delicate small bamboo bowl you even get a nice and very useful present. Not recommended as a facial soap. Produced by Fitjar Såpekokeri. 50 ml. For details bamboo bowl, see "small bamboo bowl". Please select bowl colour to be combined with the coffee soap.
  • 118 months ago Napastyle »

    NEW Grow up? Never! Eat a bunch of candy? Well, maybe it's better to have them as candles. These fun, spot-on re-creations of candy gumdrops are perfect for any holiday. Line them up around a cake plate or across your mantle, or accent a tableful of place settings. Colors vary. Imported. 1" diam., 1 1/2" h.