Antiquedress Headpiece Bridal

This is an item you will rarely find at all, let alone find in such nice condition! Many headpieces of this type were improperly stored and suffered from the heat of the attic. This gorgeous floral ring looks like a crown when set on top of the head. It has a stem of 3 wax flowers with a pearlized "bud" at the tip. Generally a veil was attached to your hair and this ring was placed on top. The strong ring itself measures 5.5" in circumference, the flower stems are about 2.5" high, and there are 23 of them which create the floral crown. There may be a petal missing but it is mainly all intact an Excellent. The color is an antique white with a pearlized finish. It will look a lot better on you as you probably don't have plastic molded hair!