Anti Wrinkle

Active ingredients : Organic SILICIUM + DSBC + Carnauba (Brazilian palm tree) Smooth and soft natural wax, fine and even seed size distribution that avoids any micro-fissures. + Cereal oil ECOCERT label, rich in linoleic acid, extracted from canola plants. + Shea butter (SBE) Excellent quality, 30-40% made up of unsaponifiables, precious dermo-active lipids with important biological functions. These lipids increase cell renewal and have antioxidant functions. Ordinary extracts contain between 2% and 4%. Softens the epidermis. Results : • During application, massage action liberates part of the carnauba’s relipidifying properties and restores hydrolipid film to epidermis: no more redness and tight skin after scrubbing. • Gently eliminates dead surface cells and brightens complexion. • The combination of these active ingredients makes exfoliation a part of regular treatment. Adriana says : "The secret to healthy skin lies in the quality of exfoliation: it is imperative to eliminate dead cells. Carnauba wax beads provide gentle exfoliation. Silicone contributes its soothing effect and shea butter gives an emollient effect. Gone are redness and that gnawing sensation."