Angela Adams Rugs

This wavy, ocean-inspired rug has been one of our best sellers. Angela Adams wool rugs add an amazing graphic element to your home. Spike Pool has undulating waves of blues, greens and browns that vary in height and texture. Some wave are plush cut-pile and others are lower, uncut loops.
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    Traditional hand-tufted wool rugs with a tasteful avant-garde twist. Inspired by the islands off the coast of Maine, the organic simplicity and balance in design makes these rugs timeless works of art. Find the perfect piece to enhance your special spaces. Made from New Zealand wool - the finest in the world - these rugs are inherently plush, stain and flame resistant, and durable for generations. They are hand-tufted and sheared into undulating patterns, creating textural landscapes. angela adams rugs are certified by RugMark, a global non-profit organization working to end child labor and offer educational opportunities for children in South Asia. The label is your best assurance that no illegal child labor was employed in the manufacturing of your rug.