Angel Christmas

This Rose gold tone pin with the original card has a poem about the legend of the christmas rose. The story is below. The petals and leaves has amazing detail. ...
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    For festive table centres, this brown metal ring with dancing angels holding hearts has four candle holder plates with four red and white heart candles. These could be replaced with small 5 or 6 cm candles. Dims: 20 x 8 cms

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    angel of knowledge doll S$34.00 "Learning is a journey with no destination..." She is a keen learner, always eager to pick up new knowledge, regardless of subjects and discipline. Angel of Knowledge is designed to motivate and encourage life-long learning, be it through formal education, or self-learning. She is the perfect gift for someone who is still studying, or planning to pursue further education. Angel of Knowledge is approximately 8cm (3.15") including her favorite book, that she sits on.

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    angel of light doll S$32.00 Angel of Light is designed to shine a glow of hope. Life is not a bed of roses, there are times when we are hit with rough waves, and we definitely can use some light of hope to keep us moving on. This is a perfect gift for someone who can use some motivation to carry on with his/her life challenges. "When the path ahead seems too dark to walk alone, be assured that the Angel of Light is there to shed some light, so take heart and continue walking, you will see sunshine at the end of the tunnel" Angel of Light is approximately 7cm (2.75") tall.

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    angel of growth doll S$32.00 Angel of Growth is designed to promote personal growth, and personal development. Growth may sometimes be slow, if we just give it a little patience, a gradual yet steady growth is actually a huge achievement. Angel of Growth is approximately 7cm (2.75") tall in his kneeling down position.

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    angel of balance doll S$32.00 Angel of Balance is designed to bring awareness to the importance of 'balance'. In the busy lifestyle that most of us have, we tend to do too much of something, while neglecting another, which often result in undesirable outcomes. It is believed that with existence of balance, creates harmony. She hopes to help everyone achieve a balance in life, in order to enjoy peace and harmony. Angel of Balance is approximately 8.5cm (3.35") tall including the balancing board she is standing on.

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    Add to your Christmas collection with these personalized ceramic ornaments. Our friend Jamie will hand-paint the year and your child's name or a "first Christmas" message on which ever ornament you like. Custom Christmas ornaments measure 6" x 4". Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

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    Angel Wing Pajama by Marie Chantal $65.00 Your angel will fly to dreamland in this velour cotton/polyester pajama jumper with attached angel wings. Snap closure at front and bottom. Choose pink, blue or white. Available in sizes 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

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    Lee Angel Octagonal Bracelet Cuff Price: $275.00 • Black octagonal motif. • Clear crystal detail. • Imported.

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    Angel Elvis is a great fan of Elvis Presley, can you tell he tries to keep a similar hair style too? He is a playful and fun loving angel, but he is also very caring. He has a girlfriend named Angel Angie, they are always together. Angel Elvis measures approximately 7cm (2.75") tall. You can wear Angel Elvis on your bag, hang in the car, any hook at home, or chain it around your keys. (If you prefer no chain on Angel Elvis, leave that instruction on the note to seller when checking out, I will remove the chain that is attached to Angel Elvis)

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    Angel Angie is designed and created based on my 2 hair-buns angel girl illustration. She is full of tricks up her sleeves, but she is a principled angel when it comes to work. Angel Angie has a boyfriend, Angel Elvis. They are the most loving pair in heaven! Angel Angie measures approximately 7.5cm (2.95") tall including her 2 hair-buns

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    A stunning snow angel graces each orb in this festive set of ornaments that glimmer with the holiday spirit. Comes packaged in its own colorful gift box. Paper and polyfoam. Set of 12. Ornaments: 3" each. Box: 9 3/4" x 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" high.

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    In a splendid gold-accented gown, her blonde curls cascading past her shoulders and her harp at the ready, she's a winged wonder indeed! Porcelain head, arms and legs. Polyester dress. 17 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 16" high.

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    Celestial figures have long been symbols of hope and happiness. In your home, our angel will bestow light upon your most joyous meals. Completely handmade, they are true works of art to be handed down for generations. Cast individually, there are small variations in color and size. Includes glass votive candle holder.