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It's been dead-on influenced by Vivienne Westwood & Leigh Bowery & Alexander McQueen & Siouxsie Sioux & whoever influenced her & the Sisters of Mercy & whoever influenced them & the eighteenth century & the nineteenth century & on & on-- One of the things about stylehive is it presents you w/ things you never knew you wanted but now you must have. Even if the thing presented is only on the same website & you have to click thru to see the next thing that will make you overdrawn [tho you still have checks], eventually, undoubtedly, there it is.
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    These people create the most flattering cuts around! Plus: same comment as per my previous AllSaints comment, only this one has a distinct mid-80s Betsey Johnson touched flair. You'd think since i owned so many of those & now own them again in runaround, i wouldnt want this. Or need it. You'd think.