Alain Mikli

Above, clockwise from left: Linda Farrow X Bernhard Wilhelm, $175, available at Seven New York; Duo Fringe Glasses by Bless, $200, available at Colette; White Resort Sunglasses by Lenny LeLeu, $498, available at New High (M)Art. We came across a pair of Linda Farrow's eye-popping sunglasses for experimental designer Bernhard Wilhelm yesterday, and that got us thinking: Could anything top a gold plated beak? After rooting around, we found a few freaky frames at Slow and Steady Wins the Race and New High (M) Art, not to mention a pair decked in disco fringe not seen since Studio 54. And whether you deem Maison Martin Margelia's Incognito glasses Next Generation or not, they kind of give new meaning to beam me up. But as for letting them see the light of day, that's up to you.