African Fashion South Africa

Elke has long had a passion for travel, which took her from her hometown in Germany to settle in South Africa many years ago. However, nothing prepared her for the amazing impact of India during her first visit in 2000. She was enthralled by the exotic designs, exuberant colours and cultural influences in their accessories, which soon became a favourite with friends back home. This was the start of her search for elegant and exquisite accessories for women, and her long-term relationship with India and other countries. Today her magnificent selection of shawls, custom-made handbags and costume jewellery can be found in boutiques across South Africa. Her exclusive range has even caught celebrity attention with the likes of Ivana Trump, Elton John and Meg Ryan sporting an Elke Accessory or two. Elke strives to share more than just her fashion items with her customers - through her unique product range she wishes to instil a sense of individuality.