Adorable Accessories Must Have

Introducing to the world: Nova pendants! These little units are my own unique invention/design. They’re one large metal ring that’s covered in folded rubber rings, which are secured by smaller metal rings. This one has 8 “spikes” of silver, with blue rubber surrounding a large silver ring. The outer “spike” rings are large enough to easily string most conventional chains through, with one ring set being slightly larger than the others so you know where to hang it. The best part about this pendant? Those blue rings glow in the dark! They are also UV reactive, so they glow under a black light. Tip! You can use a black light to instantly fully charge the glow in the dark properties of this pendant. Hold it under a black light for a few seconds on each side and it will glow super bright. The way the non-glowing metal rings are positioned make it look just like a glowing snowflake. Great layering necklace.