yoga balls

yoga balls
yoga balls, clothes, dvds and exercises to help you lose weight and relief stress.
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    Resolve To Get In Shape In 2010 With New Fitness Gear!

    by Anna Yu

    One of my new year's resolutions from 2009 was to take the stairs whenever possible instead of using escalators or elevators. My resolution worked out so well that I'm continuing to take the stairs for 2010! I guess I could be getting a gym membership, but I'm still way too self-conscious to work out in front of other people. (Don't judge!) So to combat the post-holiday bulge, I've been looking for other simple and affordable fitness gadgets I can get. I love fitness balls since they're so versatile but I hate the way they can slide around. That's why the Danskin 3-in-1 Core Ball with Stabilizing Ring fits the bill. I threw in some other fitness accessories that are also useful like the Penguin 3-Pk Shoe Deodorizers that will turn your smelly sneaks into something a little more bearable. Take a look at my slideshow to see more!

    College Football Never Looked Cuter: Get Your NCAA Gear!

    by Amber Fijolek

    There's nothing like football in the fall: the crisp smell of fresh fallen leaves on the tailgate grounds, the glow of the bright lights that illuminate the early-to-darken autumn sky, and the sweat steaming off the evening's heroes as they fight for the game. Unless you're Van Wilder, college only lasts a good four(ish) years before the real world without attending weekly football games ensues. Luckily, you can live the college legacy though your favorite sports teams with some spirited sportswear! With NCAA football heating up, what better way than to spend your weekends rooting your favorite football team(s) in full gear? And we're not talking mama's old college logo sweatshirt from her pep club days -- University sports shops nationwide have garnered some pretty sweet collections that would make any fan stylish. With school just having started, football is certainly the sport to start with, but you can let the fun continue through the year with some cutting edge fan wear to support your love for your other big college favorites, basketball and baseball! Take just a peep in this slideshow at the great variety of college sportswear in store for you at your favorite NCAA team's online shop and celebrate your team spirit!