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Woman bathing painting - INDIAN RAJPUT MINIATURE ART PAINTING – Jaipur Style painting DESCRIPTION: This beautiful Indian Rajasthani painting Woman bathing painting of Jaipur style, depicts - In this painting three girls bathing on the bank of a river or lake, overlook by a youth Hidden in the trees. Behind,
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    Evan Hecox's Prints Are Invigorating On The City-centric, Art-loving Eye!

    by Amber Fijolek

    Gazing at a piece of art can sometimes take you straight from the gallery into the frame. The postcard-like etchings of Evan Hecox are just those types of pieces, as many of his series' evolved from his travels to places like Tokyo, Mexico and Berlin. Using 2 to 5 tones, Hecok creates dramatic reproductions of his travel photo albums that tell Hunter S. Thompson-like stories; silhouetted and obscured, yet very emotionally descriptive. The skylines, vendor cabanas and other mundane yet illustratively defining images of the culture and cities of Hecok's visits are transformed from everyday images to captivating masterpieces by his unusual styling techniques. Newspaper print and Chinese character script are used in place of traditional smudging and hatching tactics to create shading, figures without so-much more than an outline beside ones that have been articulately detailed and selectively colored objects highlighted among the chaotically-depicted, sedated urban settings. The etch-a-sketch looking silk-screened prints are produced on renewable green energy and carbon-free paper so that Hecok's artistic expressions are sure to also make environmentally sound statements. Turn your home into an art gallery of graphically alurring travel souvenirs with Evan Hecok's prints! Get a feel for Hecok's work in this slideshow!

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    by Dino-Ray Ramos

    Artist Jeremy Blake was known for his knack for fusing traditional paintings with digital art. Now, all-American designer Tommy Hilfiger has teamed up with Free Arts NYC, a foundation that provides underprivileged children with educational arts and mentoring programs, to create a limited edition tote to honor Blake (who passed in July 2007) with his artistic whimsy that pays homage to the USA. Blake was an avid supporter of Free Arts NYC, and all the proceeds from the sales of the bag will fund a new photography program for low-income children in New York City. The tote is available at Tommy Hilfiger retail locations in Miami, New York, and Washington D.C., or online at www.tommy.com.Price: $125Who Found It: DinoRay was the first to add the Tommy Hilfiger Limited Edition Jeremy Blake Tote to the Hive.