Wire wrapped ring - Pink coral bead with red copper-XaXe.com

Wire wrapped ring - Pink coral bead with red copper-XaXe.com
Wire wrapped ring - Pink coral bead with red copper design and sell enchanting, high quality, natural jewelry and gemstones both retail securely online to individual customers and wholesale to trade worldwide.
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    You can never have too much jewelry! A great collection of necklaces and earrings is essential to completing that perfect outfit. So, if you're looking for a new piece to add to your jewelry collection, then take a gander at this Green Stone Drop necklace from Need Supply. The delicate silver chain hangs at 18" and the gem is held in place by silver leaves at the top (our favorite part!) which adds to the charm of this necklace.Super affordable, but with an expensive look and a versatile design, get ready to fall in love with your new favorite piece of jewelry!Where to Buy - Need SupplyPrice - $24.00Who Found It - Ltopiol was the first to add the 'Green Stone Drop Necklace' to the Hive.

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    Here is a great idea for accessorizing your holiday look with a unique stone ring made by whom other then €¦ you! These wire wrapped rings can easily be purchased at high-end boutiques for well over $100 dollars but why waste your money when you can customize your own pieces and become a designer without going to fashion school?Nothing feels better then wearing a wire wrapped jewelry piece knowing that you made it. It might seem a little complicated it's not! Follow the easy steps to make this stunning turquoise ring for yourself! Materials - - 2 ft of 22 gauge metal, silver, or gold wire, - 1 Semi- precious stone bead of your choice, - A ring mandrel €“ used to form rings of your desired size - Wire cutter - Flat nose pliers - A good grip. Follow these easy steps -- Begin by wrapping one end of the wire around the Mandrel four times. - Keeping the wire band wrapped tightly around the ring form, string the bead through the long end of the wire and wrap it three times tightly around the 4-layered band, at the end closest to the beads hole.- Continue to wrap the wire four times beneath the stone, around the wire going through the bead. This will create a platform where the stone will sit.- Then, again tightly wrap the wire three times around the 4 -layered band closest the beads hole. - Finish by cutting the end of the wire and pushing it flat with your pliers so that it doesn€™t poke youBy the time you master this wire craft your hands will be blinging and you€™ll be in the market for a new jewelry box. With a little extra free time over the holiday break, explore you inner artist with this DIY idea!