Welcome to Ainsworths Homeopathic Products

Welcome to Ainsworths Homeopathic Products
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    Daily Obsesh: Colorful Prints

    by PatriciaPatricia

    Spring time weather is so inspiring and always makes it so fun to pick outfits. You can get creative with thin layers, vibrant colors, and crazy prints. That is exactly why we love this Printed Jersey Tunic from Donna Morgan. Combination of the color block with flower prints gives so much character to this dress. It can not get more interesting than the black, purple, and blue flowers on block of white, black, blue, and purple. Shift Silhouette and beaded round neckline adds classiness to this fun and spontaneous dress, making it a perfect contemporary spring time dress.

    DIY Accessory - 'Flower' Corsage

    by Sophie Okulick

    Well guys, summer is upon us and school is finally over! Well almost. In honor of prom, we're making a DIY accessory that is as good as gold when it comes to spicing up your date's duds or your elegant dress. This will be a night to remember so forget about trying to save a dying flower in a box for the rest of your life. This DIY memento will last forever. Take a date night style tip from the queen of corsages, Carrie Bradshaw. She's the inspiration for this week's StyleHive project! What you'll need- -Scissors-Needle and Thread-Brooch pin-1/2 yard square of fabric of your choice (just be sure to choose something lightweight! Organza or a sheer silk works great!)Step 1 - Staring from the edge, cut the fabric into a round spiral shape. The end result should appear as one long and narrow ruffle. Step 2 - Thread your needle leaving 2 inches of thread from the knot and sew a loose stitch along the edge of your fabric. Knot and snip the end.Step 3 - Holding the excess thread in one hand, push the fabric so that it gathers at one end.Step 4 - Sew on the pin so that it holds together the 'stem' of your flower corsage.