Viesso - Custom Furniture

Viesso - Custom Furniture
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    Stylish And Comfy Countryside-Chic Inspiration For Your Home!

    by Ida Hsiang

    As much as I like the more edgy take on fashion these days, it's all about comfort and relaxation for me when it comes to my home. So while I may don some leather leggings and fingerless gloves, I want to be able to return home and breathe a sigh of relief, curl up and be comfortable. Overstuffed furniture, wicker accents and countryside-inspired prints and florals are reminiscent of a cozy house and home style. So while mom can't be there everyday whipping up her famous chicken noodle soup and green bean casserole, you can add a few things around the house that give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Check out the slideshow for some easy ideas on how to make your living space country chic and comfortable!

    Sitting Pretty: Chic And Comfortable Tufted Furniture

    by Anna Yu

    Unlike many of my friends, I actually like firm furniture and beds. If I sleep on a soft and mushy bed, I wake up with a sore back. Guess I could blame it on my semester abroad in Taiwan where I slept on a bamboo mat for four months. Hard as a rock beds and wooden furniture are now my priorities when shopping for my home. That's when I discovered the beauty of tufted furniture! I know tufted pieces can seem really old fashioned and taken right out of Versailles, but I can imagine just getting one or two and having it look super chic with my minimalist (read: IKEA) furniture. Best of all, it's a nice balance between firm and soft. I really like the convertible couch found over at PB Teen which doubles as a sofa and a full size bed, and this velvet ottoman from Brocade Home which does triple duty as an ottoman, coffee table, and extra seating. I can imagine Goldilocks finding tufted furniture "just right." Take a look at my slideshow for more!