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    Daily Obsesh - Aldo Bogden Bird Brooch

    by Melisa Verrecchia

    'Three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree €¦' If you don€™t think your true love will give you any of the above for the twelve days of Christmas, well, then, we've got the perfect present to give to yourself! A sweet little gold hummingbird brooch adds a feminine touch to all of your holiday outfits.The Aldo 'Bogden' Bird Brooch is gold plated with rhinestone detailing and has an authentic vintage feel to it. This flight of fancy brings a subtle sparkle to a classic little black dress. Or even your favorite winter coat!The pretty little pin is also a great gift so get one for yourself and one for a friend!Where to Buy - AldoPrice - $11.98Who - Melimeli was the first to add the 'Aldo Bogden Bird Brooch' to the Hive.

    The SHG - Do It Your Way

    by Ida Hsiang

    Trends are definitely fun to follow, but following a trend also means that you'll be wearing a lot of similar styles as others. A mark of true style chops is the ability to make an ensemble that so many others are wearing into a look that's all your own! It doesn't have to take your whole paycheck to step out in a one-of-a-kind style. All it takes is a little creativity and minor DIY skills to take any outfit from a dime a dozen to one in a million!Antique Pins - Vintage pins and brooches can be found for a reasonable price at any pawn or antique shop and because they're vintage, you're guaranteed a unique piece! Place them on skirts and outerwear as hard-ware. Or place a few on a scarf!Large Silk Flowers - These voluminous accessories are truly multi-functional. Try floral clips on shoes for a cute, retro spin. Or make a statement by fixing a large silk flower to hair or wrist. Really turn heads and amp up the fashion with a large flower on a would-be basic dress. Really go for gusto by combining different colors or sizes!Studs And Such - A boring tee or shorts, simple leggings or even your fave pair of jeans gets an instant makeover with the addition of just a few studs or hardware. You can get studs and stud setters at any craft-store, but for bonus DIY points, use the studs from an old belt, or piece of jewelry!