Tree Bed

Tree Bed
When I was a kid I always wanted a canopy bed. My mom made it clear that I would never ever have one. Anything with extra fabric was banned because it was just going to collect dust. Had I been clever enough to think of a tree canopy canopy bed, things may have been different. But I just didn't have it in me. That kind of cheeky creativity finally came from California College of Arts and Crafts sculpture graduate Shawn Lovell. Contact her Here to see her one of a kind works and order.
PureContemporary discovered 109 months ago
  • jmather says

    ^^ Hot!

    109 months ago

  • Cleopatre says

    I wish I could afford it!

    98 months ago

  • mwlcards says

    This is so gorge! What I would give for this :x Love It!

    89 months ago

  • soccorro

    soccorro says

    how much is this bed???

    81 months ago

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