Totally Funky - Paper Plane Overnight Bag

Totally Funky - Paper Plane Overnight Bag
Paper Plane Overnight Bag Do you suffer from wanderlust? Yearn to travel far and wide exploring the wonders of the world? Then why not treat yourself to this exciting new range of bags, purses and travel accessories in the style of air mail, postcards and packages. Paper Plane Overnight Bag with a map-inspired pattern and stripey ribbon detail: 'Something for the weekend.' Size 50cm Price: £54.99
artiststundra discovered 95 months ago
  • 54.99 GBP


  • melacreation

    melacreation says

    B-) Cool

    95 months ago

  • vandela

    vandela says

    :-h Hi

    95 months ago

  • Zgirl

    Zgirl says

    :x Love It!

    95 months ago

  • hollyah

    hollyah says

    So cute and oh so clever.

    95 months ago

  • appleply13

    appleply13 says

    that bag is so unique i love uniqu things where can i get it:)> Applause

    95 months ago

  • bragginrights

    bragginrights says

    *!* Hivelicious

    94 months ago