Thorndale Vet

Thorndale Vet
Looking for a professional and caring Thorndale vet? Look no further than Critter Care Veterinarian Hospital for all of your pet care needs. Call today!
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    Quick, before the birds fly south! The Here, Birdie Birdie Bird House is a cheeky little place, fashioned after a feline face, for birds to rest their wings! The simple waterproof wooden structure is designed to look like a sweet kitty's face complete with whiskers and ears and is funny enough for us humans to get a little chuckle, but won't deter birds from stopping by! Even the bird perch sits, quite strategically, just below kitty's mouth.Perfect for a pet, or even just outdoorsy bird lovers, this happy home is a great house-warming gift that can be hung from the walls indoors or out. And there is a removable bottom panel which allows for easy clean-up!Where to Buy - ModClothPrice - $39.99Who - Melimeli was the first to add the 'Here, Birdie Birdie Bird House' to the Hive.

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    As I'm sure many can relate, the excitement of setting up your very first fishbowl is epitomized by the trip home with the precious tiny swimmers. Holding live goldfish while watching them skim the sides of the squishy, water-filled, plastic see-through bag is all too exciting, knowing you'll have active and vibrant new animal-life to bring some silent camaraderie and swank to your space. Equally cool are these decorated trash bags! Made to look just like friends you would take home from the pet store, the over-sized goldfish printed bags are perfect for making your friends, family and neighbors look twice. They neatly conceal unsightly trash and make using trash bags more stylish! Perfect for the cute and quirky friend, the bags make a creative and useful housewarming gift. Perhaps you'll even give the garbage man something to smile about -- assuming the garbage doesn't also smell like fish! Treat your trash bin to a designer accesory and line it with these Pet Goldfish Bin Bags from Happy Sacks!Price: £10.00 for 12 bagsWho Found It: kelojif was the first to add Pet Goldfish Bin Bags to the Hive.Price: £10.00 for 12 bagsWho Found It: kelojif was the first to add Pet Goldfish Bin Bags to the Hive.