Victorian- Edwardian Jet beaded black velvet and mongolian lamb cape. Silk lining. Beautiful victorian era cape. Wonderful vintage and antique dresses-gowns-bridal dresses and coats at this website. From Victorian-Edwardian to the Flapper-WWII era to Mid Century on to designer couture that stars wear to Bridal and the celebrity wardrobe...Definitly worth a check out and maybe put on your favorites list.

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  • livers

    livers says, I completely adore this website. I wore a 1930s dress from The Frock to my daughters wedding and it is the most beautiful thing in my closet. I actually bought two and returned one (didn't fit) and they were very nice about the return and helped me find the dress I ultimately wore. When my second daughter gets married (fingers crossed) I'll be visiting their store again.

    91 months ago

  • myfavoriteyear

    myfavoriteyear says

    Love, I bought a beautiful grecian goddess dress there. This victorian cape is amazing too, I cant believe women actually wore these elaborate things. Thefrock is a great shop for unique vintage.

    89 months ago