The Bombay Company Store: Illuminaire Candle Sconce

The Bombay Company Store: Illuminaire Candle Sconce
<b>Is it a sconce or is it a mirror?</b> Our elegant and enchanting Illiminare Candle Scone is both, actually! This beautifully crafted sconce is a marriage of mirrors and shadowbox-styled sconces. Hang this sconce over the mantel, the sofa or in the dining room to softly illiuminate the room. The Illuminaire is finished in deep brown and holds 14 tealight candles securely.
julie3jax discovered 124 months ago
  • samia says

    |-D Beautiful :)> Applause

    104 months ago

  • nkatt says

    :x Love It! *8) Great Find :) Smiling

    93 months ago

  • lucine says

    B-) Cool

    93 months ago

  • missn says

    Fabulous :) Smiling

    93 months ago

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