Sushi Pillow - Shrimp Ebi

Sushi Pillow - Shrimp Ebi
For the Sushi fanatic! Show your love for sushi and your sense of humor with these great big fluffy pillows! They make awesome decor and are the coolest pillows around! This particular one is VERY detailed and time consuming to make. Description of Ebi Nigiri (shrimp): This is Cindy and Mel\'s top pillow which consists of a hand painted \"shrimp\" top and a cotton \"rice\" bottom. Tying it all together is a strip of emerald colored \"seaweed.\" Materials include polyester, rayon, cotton, and polyester fiber stuffing. The following describes each section of the sushi pillow -\"rice\" is white cotton material with a distinct rice pattern -\"seaweed\" is emerald color (very realistic looking)-\"ebi/shrimp\" is cotton with a hand painted pattern.
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