Studio Vertu Doors Coaster Set | Rain Collection | Coasters

Studio Vertu Doors Coaster Set | Rain Collection | Coasters
Studio Vertu Doors Coaster Set. Coasters for modern home decor.
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    Daily Obsesh - Pop Art Color Coasters

    by Melisa Verrecchia

    We love to throw dinner parties and with the sunny weather upon us now, the invites will be plentiful. We're looking forward to long lazy summer days in friends€™ back yards, sipping on a chilled sauv blanc or even an ice cold beer!This year, though, we're surely shying away from typical party gifts like bottles of wine and artisan cheeses. For a great gift idea, we're all about Sobral's Pop Art Color Coasters. Made of natural lightweight resin, these handmade colorful coasters make for the perfect hostess gift. They measure approximately 4" square and are sold separately. A little home decor goes a long way in saying thanks for the invite and insures a second one, too!Where to Buy - SobralPrice - $24.00Who - Melimeli was the first to add the Pop Art Color Coasters to the Hive.

    Hot In The Hive: iPhone App Coasters

    by Ida Hsiang

    Those of the slightly younger set may not know this, but before the iPod and Mac laptops, Apple was on the brink of being obsolete. They were associated with the huge, loud computers in the school library that you could only do research on or else the librarian would throw her glasses at you. The iPod is maybe the greatest comeback product in history. It not only brought Apple back from the brink, but ricocheted them to number one in technological gadgets. Now you'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't have at least one Apple product laying around the house. I've had an a few of the iPod variation, but I'm actually lusting over the iPhone. Well, those at Apple must have felt bad for people like me who would love to jump on the iPhone band-wagon but, for whatever reason, have not. There are now iPhone app coasters that I can also put on my table, and for the fraction of the price! These coasters come in a set of 16 "apps" and are made of MDF plywood wrapped in a vinyl and varnish. A rubber back keeps it from moving around and they're washable and reusable! Ok, so they don't actually allow you to pull up the weather in Tunisia or give you a recipe for "Easy Chicken Bake" with just a click of a button, but they are awesome and fun! At $60 for the entire set, these make a great gift for the i-Aficionado or for those like me who just want to rub elbows with this elite i-Group!Price: $60.00 for set of 16Who Found It: idabone was first to add the iPhone App Coasters to the Hive.