Sprout A Couch

Sprout a Couch
  • Sprout a Couch
  • Sprout a Couch

How much oxygen did your furniture produce today? In our version of the future, the things we loaf about on indoors will be as beneficial as the stuff that grows out back. In the meantime, sculpt lawn furniture from the lawn itself. Unlike your standard-issue sofa, this lush greenery is totally organic, requires no synthetic finishes, and can be brought to life, Golem-style, from salvaged dirt. St. Augustine tiles create a seamless, living upholstery, or try wheatgrass for a durable alternative. Ask your nursery about planting tips unique to your sod. Note: Couch may require mowing.

AuntBee discovered 110 months ago


  • Christal

    Christal says

    :x Love It! But how do you mow a couch...?

    110 months ago

  • pinilope

    pinilope says

    *8) Great Find its good

    110 months ago