Singer Serger Sewing Machines

Singer Serger Sewing Machines
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    Hot In The Hive: Portable Sewing Machine

    by Anna Yu

    When watching my favorite reality TV show, Project Runway, I'm always amazed at how quickly all the designers can sew! Of course, sometimes the quality and taste level can be questionable, but I still marvel at their skill with a sewing machine. I've been accustomed to taking my clothing to a tailor if I need to hem my jeans or shorten jacket sleeves, but sometimes I want to try my hand at a simple project like making a tote bag or cosmetic pouch. Looking at home sewing machines I found that they can cost over $100! And I have to admit that I pick up and drop hobbies as quickly as fleeting trends, I definitely need a more affordable option. I found the Portable Sewing Machine from Urban Outfitters that's only $24! The ultra portable machine comes with everything you need you get started on whatever design project you can think of. Just remember to thank me when you're a big shot designer.Price: $24Who Found It: facadeindreams was the first to add the Portable Sewing Machine to the Hive.

    Techie Holiday Gifts For Girls ('Cause We Want Them Too!)

    by Amber Fijolek

    Screw the body lotions and Christmas socks -- I want some real toys. Nothing excites me more than looking through the ads in the morning paper at what new electronics I can add to my Christmas list. I may never receive any of those wonderful technie wonders, but it's always cool to see what the new year is able to offer. Like the GPS navigation systems and digital photo frames of years past, this year brings tiny netbooks and print to digital photo scanners to the top of everyone's must-have radar. Hopefully Santa thinks you've been good this year, because with gadgets this cool, no manicure or votive set would make you happy after seeing these impressive devices. Click on my slideshow to indulge in these geeky pleasures!