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Sell your ipod
  • Sell your ipod
  • Sell your ipod
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    Daily Obsesh - iPod Hoodie

    by Susan Yara

    Ring ring. Your iPhone is calling! Or if you screen calls, then there's a message waiting. Here's what it says - your iPhone wants to stay warm this winter, along with his friends iPod Classic and iPod Touch. And there's only two ways to do that. Either use your beloved gadgets endlessly so they overheat or hook them up with this adorable little accessory - a hoodie! Yes, it's basically a mini sweater to wrap your phone/mp3 player/camera/miracle-working gizmo in. And we think it's a great idea! Especially because we love our iPhones so much, it's the only acceptable way to treat them. Don't you agree? Where to Buy - FredFlare.comPrice - $20.00Who Found It - SusanY was the first to add the 'iPod Hoodie' to the Hive.

    Daily Obsesh - Water Pebble

    by Lisa Topiol

    We all know we need to do it. It's there, in the back of our minds... but we never seem to remember. That's right, saving water. Water conservation is something that should be at the forefront of everyone's mind but we all know how hard it is to remember that while scrubbing up in the shower. That's why Paul Priestman has created one of the cleverest little inventions ever! This cool looking pebble gets placed in your shower by the drain and records how long you take your shower. Over time, it progressively shortens your shower time and gets you to conserve water without even thinking about it! You set it once, and the pebble does all the rest of the work. Just pay attention to the color of the dot on the pebble and when it turns red you know you've used too much. The best part about this device? Less than 10 dollars!