SELECTISM: Absolut Rainbow Bottle

SELECTISM: Absolut Rainbow Bottle
poerava discovered 71 months ago
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    The Coolest Bar Around

    by Lisa Topiol

    Get cool, get downright freezing! London is my favorite place to visit and on one of my recent trips over there I discovered the Absolut Ice Bar. Nestled in a quaint little nook off of Regent Street you€™ll find a little slice of Sweden, since everything is made from ice found in the frozen Torne River in Jukkasjärvi. This is truly an experience you cannot afford to miss. Below zero temperatures, silver parkas, SHOT GLASSES MADE OF ICE! This bar will definitely impress. The entire place is made of ice including chairs, tables, sculptures, and the bar itself! My favorite part is the phone booth sculpture. A trip to London isn't complete unless you make a stop at this bar. Yes, the price is a little steep (about 35 dollars entrance fee, with one drink) but really, how often can you say you sipped a cocktail in the middle of summer at -5�° Celsius?


    Haute Cocktails That Will Have You Slurring "You Are Soooo Nice" All NYE Long!

    by dopechiq

    Penchant for perfume and cocktails? Well you're in luck: fashion mogul and fragrance maven Donna Karan has teamed up with p.i.n.k. vodka to create a yummy drink in honor of Karan's sexy new scent: DKNY Delicious Night. The Delicious Night Blackberry Martini captures the essence of Donna's perfume perfectly (a blend of frozen Pomelo, crushed ginger, chilled blackberry martini, and touches of purple freesia) and is not only out of this world fantastic, but super easy to make. We've included the recipe below, along with three other divine p.i.n.k vodka infused drinks: mint condition, p.i.n.k. leprechaun, and p.i.n.k. pumpkin pie. Try 'em out at your next soiree (New Years Eve, perhaps?) and tell us what you think! (Just check out the slideshow for the rest of the recipes and pics!)Delicious Night Blackberry Martini -1 oz p.i.n.k. ® vodka-1 ½ oz cranberry juice-approximately 1 oz blackberry brandy-½ oz Cointreau ®-Splash of sour mix-Fresh blackberriesDirections:Combine ingredients over ice and shake well. Strain into a well-chilled martini glass.Pour 1 ½ scoops of mulled blackberries through the center. Stir slightly.Garnish with a blackberry on the edge of the glass.Enjoy!Hive Tip: Avoid ugly hangovers by chasing each drink with a glass of water. Hydration is important people!