Produits - - Boots, FilippaK

Produits - - Boots, FilippaK
  • Produits - - Boots, FilippaK
  • Produits - - Boots, FilippaK
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    Label Love: Canadian Designer Valerie Dumaine

    by Anna Yu

    It's always such a thrill looking for new brands (well, new to me) and feeling like I can dress more worldly than my usual J.Crew and Zara finds. I found Montreal-based designer Valerie Dumaine while browsing my favorite fashion blogs and instantly gravitated towards her clean and elegant designs. Trained in London and Berlin, she started her own line in 2004. Her company is still relatively young, so snap up her collection now! Those who love crazy prints and colors might not go crazy over her collections, but upon closer look you'll see some pretty amazing details. One of my initial favorites was the Cairo Tulip Dress made out of crushed rayon for a great texture and additional dimension. Her separates are also great because I can't think of any two pieces I can't put together. Best of all, all her clothes are made right in Canada and available online and at over 50 stores across the world. Take a look at my slideshow to see my favorite looks from her line.

    Indie Designer Valerie Dumaine Brings Fashion-Forward Looks To Montreal

    by Jennifer

    I have to say, Montreal has really been on the mark over the last couple of years when it comes to fashion and style. As a long time supporter of indie fashion in Canada, I've been noticing a lot of confident new designers launching their fashion-forward clothing companies from this city. Indie trends in fashion are on the upswing, and Montreal fashion designers are at the top of it all! Valerie Dumaine Clothing is a perfect example. Dumaine launched her company in 2004 and it's been an amazing success story that should motivate aspiring fashion designers. Her collections are entirely made in Canada and are now available across Canada and in a few stores in the United States. Indie designers are good to have around-- they're very passionate about what they do. Like Dumaine, many small designers are putting more back into their community by using an artistic approach to the clothing trade, rather than acting as a large profit driven company. I am happy to introduce 10 items from the Valerie Dumaine Fall 2008 line in my slideshow. Enjoy!