Perfumer's New Scent Dress In Fresh | Mod Retro Vintage Printed Dresses |

Perfumer's New Scent Dress in Fresh | Mod Retro Vintage Printed Dresses |
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You've loved aromas since you were a child, and now that you're a perfumer, you spend your life concocting remarkable scents for a welcoming public. And your sense of fine smells isn't your only aesthetic gift - you also dress in elegant frocks for parties and lunch meetings. This dress, your favorite, boasts a fitted waist, cap sleeves, and a sleek profile. The print is a watercolor-like mixture of navy, white, and soft mauve as complex as the symphony of notes in your forthcoming new perfume. As you don this frock with noir stockings, round-toe heels, and an ivory mohair cardigan, your lovely visage is surrounded by the sweet smell of style success!

Discovered by soapyme
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