Oxidized Bronze Candlestick

Oxidized Bronze Candlestick
Oxidized Bronze Candlestick designed by Ted Muehling for E. R. Butler & Co. Item Number: 0205/OB Designer: Ted Muehling 2002 Size: 7 7/16" h Price: $432.00 Ted Muehling’s collaboration with E.R. Butler & Co. was inspired by the classic but delicate shape of a Biedermeier candlestick found at a flea market. The candlesticks are based on three basic shapes: the egg, an attenuated rod and a trumpet form. Permutations of these convex and concave shapes have yielded 5 different pieces. By combining and varying these, Muehling has created 17 different candlesticks that can be used individually, in symmetrical pairs or in groupings of 3 or more. They are available in oxidized bronze, gold or sterling silver plate. The darkened bronze accentuates the silhouette, while polished or pumiced silver or gold enhances the play of light on the forms. Please contact us for more information and pricing. Tel. 312.787.7003 info@kneenandco.com
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  • 432.00 USD
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