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    Join the Harem With These Trendy Trousers!

    by Greta

    Of all the new trends introduced by designers at last month's New York Fashion Week, the Aladdin-style harem pants are definitely getting the most fashion buzz. Although critics appear to either embrace or totally hate this trend, there's no denying that the harem pant fits in perfectly with the exotic luxury feel of many of the Spring and Resort 2009 collections. I loved the unique ways designers styled these unusual trousers. Like Elie Tahari's short and flirty style harem pant complete with ankle-ties, Proenza Schouler's stunning high-waisted and all-black take on the trend, and Phi's tie-waist jodhpur-style harem pants. And for daring fashionistas already eager to get into a pair of these trendy pants, you're in luck! There are a growing number of harem-style pants available in the Hive right now. Don't believe me? Well then check out my SLIDESHOW to see five of my favorite harem pants straight from the Hive.

    Hive 5: Pretend You're on the Olympics Beach Volleyball Team With This Great Gear

    by Lisanne Silverman

    Few things motivate me to hit the gym as much as the Olympics. I mean really, sitting in bed while watching womens' beach volleyball just sounds bad for the ego, even while munching on supposedly healthy rice cakes, so onto the treadmill I went. But since the Olympics aren't a year-round event (training aside), I'll need something else- something other than the pair of super-sleek J Brand jeans I've had my eye on- to keep me making appearances at 24 Hour Fitness. Because these days, my usual attire, a ratty old college alumni tee is looking, well, ratty and old. Which is where these super cute workout clothes come in!