Nymphenburg Porcelain Basket - Large

Nymphenburg Porcelain Basket - Large
Large Nymphenburg Porcelain Basket with Fretwork and Raised on Pedestal No. 1010 Ivory Glazed Porcelain with 24 Carat Gold Accents and Blue Trim Item Number: 10.318 Designer: Wackerle 1917-18 Size: 31 cm H x 40 cm Dia Price: $55,000.00 Nymphenburg's exclusive decorative objects are handcrafted masterpieces that will add a discerningly lavish aesthetic to your home décor . Used as part of your interior design, these rare and unique objects illustrate elegance and beauty. Intricately designed mirrors, baskets and other extraordinary decorative accessories capture the pure essence and tradition of Nymphenburg's one-of-a-kind artistry. This represents a sampling of products that are offered at Nymphenburg Store USA . Many objects are available in other colors or sizes. Please contact us for more information and pricing. Tel. 312.787.7003 info@kneenandco.com
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