NOW HERES A HOSTEL::Would They Let Us Live There Forever?

NOW HERES A HOSTEL::Would They Let Us Live There Forever?
  • NOW HERES A HOSTEL::Would They Let Us Live There Forever?
  • NOW HERES A HOSTEL::Would They Let Us Live There Forever?
& it's Amsterdam, too, so if you are so inclined [unlike, believe it or not, yr correspondent here] you can go from wackwild room to legal potbar, stock up, go back to wackwild room & see Even More Patterns & Colors. For $25US [twentyfive bucks] a day. Opening my [most often annoying] dashboard, fetching calculator, hold on a sec..... that's $750 a month. That's HALF [more or less {less}] than what we pay here, Second Floor, Elsewise Abandoned Industrial Wasteland, LA, CA, Hell, Jr. Does St. Christopher's, Amsterdam KNOW this? There could be dancing & fighting in the streets for space..... YOOOOWSA
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